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Process Consulting

The company facilitates the development of concepts and choice of media for the basic and advanced training. Facilitation follows a standardized process- manual.

The following processes, sorted by development phase, are available for the development of concepts and new media in training activities, as e.g. Games or Learn- Communities. The standardized processes will be adapted to the special process to be modeled.

  • Analysis of weaknesses / preliminary study
  • Specification of requirements
  • Development of basic concept
  • Development of detailed concept
  • Development of Story/ Script
  • Implementation of graphics/ Content
  • Implementation interactions
  • Production of additional media
  • Integration of elements into the commercial offer
  • Implementation of the user- interface
  • Integration of functionalities into user interface
  • Aggregation of the single offers into modules
  • Integration of modules into the final product

You can get fulfillment of the implementation of the planned projects from the education consultancy and its partners, only. Otherwise you can go on working with your familiar partners on the basis of the developed documents.