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Educational Games

Educational games are very well suited for relaying complex topics. Abstract subjects can be visualized using concrete every- day- situations. They allow actions in virtual space and offer the advantages of learning by doing without the need for the real infrastructure.

The learners feel immediately the virtual consequences of their actions and peg down the experience in their memory, leading to a optimum learning transfer.

The education consultancy offers a variety of didactical games so that you can use these advantages. They contain elements of strategic- and simulation- games but can also contain discovering or constructivist learning elements.


These games are realized as

  • Online Games
  • Mobile games

A combination of both types is in many cases advantageous and possible.

These games show the advantage that the game- concept can be adjusted to different levels to serve different competency ranks. Thus, a game can accompany the recipient for many years. It can be changed, upgraded, extended and updated without major efforts. Variants incorporating classic media like board- games or strategic games are possible.